EBM Premium  Style Heineken - Murphy's Irish Beer American Optometric Association
EBM Premium Style

One of the largest construction company in South America. EBM Urban Development relies on kreativ to develop all their interior & exterior signs, branding and strategic marketing.

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Heineken - Murphy's
Irish Beer

The Murphy Brewery celebrates 150 years of brewing from 1856 to 2006 going from strength to strength; the now legendary stout is sold in over 40 countries and recognised worldwide as superior stout. We hope James J. would be proud.

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American Optometric

3D in the Classroom: See Well, Learn Well. A public health report on the use of 3D technology in the classroom across the country. Working with AOA was quite an experience; the result one of our best!

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Wayfinding means knowing where you are, knowing your destination, following the best route, recognizing your destination and finding your way back.

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3-D Printing the 19th Century

August 5th, 2013

They are the dreams of dead men: a hat comb, a drinking cup that would not dribble in bed, a stove pipe screw and a flower stand, quietly archived in the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the last century. Until now. Martin Galese, a 31-year-old lawyer in New York, is resurrecting bits and pieces of bygone eras, thing by thing.

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